When We Started?

Young Social Reformers, a Pakistani based non-profit organization, was formed in 1998 as AALIANS INTERNATIONAL, with a goal “Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future”. Realizing the need for a specialized youth activist organization in Pakistan, the organization was re-formed and re-named as “Young Social Reformers” in 2004. Young Social Reformers has been registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 under Pakistan’s jurisdiction.

Young Social Reformers is the non-profit, non-government organization that works solely as well as collaboratively with other organizations towards civil society’s welfare & sustainable development of youth.

Our Headquarter is in Karachi city, the economic hub and biggest industrial center of Pakistan.

The Journey Started SMALL, Grown into HUGE!

Almost two decades ago, when this organization was started by two university students, with an aim to serve the community and contribute their part for its welfare, no body could imagine that it is going to be the most widespread message all over Pakistan and even across the borders.

Having being passed through the problems a layman, especially our youth, passes through all through their life, including but not limited to education, employment, healthcare, higher studies, lifestyle and training and development for a successful personal and professional life, the young students Sarah Alam and Fahad Rizvi, took the initiative to change the things at university and then community level.

They started with small scale seminars, training sessions, workshops and informative events, solely by themselves. The idea was to raise awareness regarding the rights of people and youth among community members. Sparked by creativity and leadership skills, the founding members earned recognition from various entities and organizations working around, both from private and public sector.

Going deeply into relationship with community, its members and knowing the problems at grassroots level more closely, the founders decided to extend the movement countrywide and converge their focus towards the most important yet most neglected segment of society, that is, YOUTH.  They started efforts for collocations with other institutions and organizations to strengthen their goal, and successfully came into limelight by holding various signature events on a frequent basis, marked by full participation of youth from all disciplines and walks of life, across the country. All these events, activities and opportunities were geared towards providing youngsters the utmost opportunities to develop themselves for a better life, and also motivate them to volunteer for social causes and play their part to build Pakistan.

Where We Stand? Nationwide & Across the BORDERS!

Young Social Reformers is now the BIGGEST youth activist organization in Pakistan, with more than 70,000 members nationwide, deeply penetrated in all provinces in Pakistan including Punjab, Balohistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa and Sindh.

We are proud to hold a significant presence in different countries around thee globe, including India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Egypt, Greece, Malaysia, United States, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and United Arab Emirates, where our delegations from Pakistan have represented the country and promoted its positive image.

Where We are Headed to?

Young Social Reformers will keep serving the nation and promoting positive image of Pakistan by empowering youth for a sustainable future. Our future plans have been escalated in terms of scope, gains, investment and global community’s involvement.