The Man Behind the Show

Mr. Fahad Rizvi is the Founder and President of Young Social Reformers, which off sprung the youth activism in Pakistan. Through his leadership skills, passion towards youth empowerment and high intellect, he brightened a wave of hope among youngsters all over Pakistan including rural areas, unprivileged regions and remote towns. Being a positive role model all through his tenure up till now, he has been blessed to have infinite number of members and volunteers, men and women, boys and girls. His attitude of “Never Quit” has immensely motivated them to keep going ahead, be successful in life and contribute their efforts for local and global community development. His unwavering presence has indeed inspired our present and future generations to come.

Being a Role Model

Mr. Fahad Rizvi strongly holds the sense of “giving back to society” and “empowering youth for a sustainable future”, which led him to form such a massive platform of Young Social Reformers for Pakistani youth. He has received many outstanding recognitions and honors by various sectors for his intensive efforts and leadership towards community development causes and youth empowerment. He believes that youth is the nation builder of tomorrow, therefore, we all must play our part to build them up positively.

He has touched each of our hearts in so many ways. His encouragement and his beliefs that we all are “WORLD CHAMPIONS” have given our youth the opportunity to move forward with their dreams, take one step ahead, achieve their goals and serve the nation well.

Professional Journey

Mr. Fahad Rizvi is a seasoned Engineer, graduated from a renowned Public Sector University in Karachi, NED University of Engineering and Technology. He has also done Masters in Business Administration from SZABIST (Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology). He has long been associated with various public sector institutions and has also served Ministry of Youth and Cultural Affairs, Government of Sindh. Currently, he is leading Young Social Reformers as a President, supervising and advising all strategic matters, local and international sponsors’ and collaborators’ network and organization’s global expansion.